If you only happen to visit this blog please send us (pan.chichot@gmail.com) a better photography than that one:

It was just a moment, when I have left camera home (is it a curse?) and could photograph only with a mobile.
Please, it is important for cycle chic advocacy to show other people how you cycle with elegance in the current weather conditions.

Proof: patsywojt

5 komentarzy:

placid casual pisze...

hey, a post in english!
i check your blog everyday and understand only a few words...

until today!


Atraktor pisze...

Świetna strona, będę regularnie odwiedzał! Pozdrawiam Autora. Maciek

lavinka pisze...

Czy to plac Wolności? Jakiś taki podobny :)

wićka pisze...

@ placid casual:

Your persistence need to be recompensed. Hence every post will be accompanying by a short abstract (in English), even if only you will be reading it in English. Respect!

placid casual pisze...

thank you very much
bardzo dziekuje.

maybe i'll try a post on my blog in Polish...